I’ve been thinking of contributing to the dev social community for years...

...but I’ve always been putting it off for reasons that nowadays seem trivial.

Current situation

As a senior developer, I’ve stored a lot of information and knowledge and I’ve always shared it only with my close colleagues, and everytime I teach or just talk about something I know, it sounds like it’s a bit too obvious or not worth sharing it with a wider audience. But the older I get the more I feel the urge to share my knowledge, moreover, in the last few years, I noticed that what I used to share was not so bad.

This is why I decided to start sharing some knowledge TODAY!

I wish I had started with a “sexier” date like 1st January but if I had kept postponing it, I never would have started it!

Writing technical articles takes time, so I decided to start with something less demanding but that requires perseverance:

I’m going to publish something I learned every day.

It could be an article, a coding tip, an idea, a piece of documentation or who knows what the future holds for myself!

I’m going to use my LinkedIn account with the hashtag #LearnedToday, and I’m going to write an article on Dev.to (a community that I’ve been reading passively for years, but I’ve never posted anything) in order to collect all the progresses together, with the possibility of adding further notes and thoughts.

I’m also going to create a GitHub repository since I love to use GitHub to save my entire development career and who knows if I develop an app on top of this list, like a UI to filter articles or just to show some analytics.

As far as my own goals are concerned, firstly I hope that this will help me to get used to posting on a daily basis and being more confident about writing my own technical articles (spoiler alert: I have three drafts in my Dev.to account). Secondly, I would love to inspire and encourage devs to do the same, as other devs have inspired me in these years.

To wrap things up, here is a bullet point list, which is always cool to have it in a post, and it's also super effective:

  • Being more fluent writing in English
  • Getting used to posting on a daily basis
  • Inspiring other devs to do the same
  • Learn something new every day

Do you think I’ll make it?

To start off on the right foot, here is my first tip: balancing a text with CSS aka text-wrap: balance