This is my first post for my new danielzotti.it website, and first of all I want to thank you for being here! 🥹

Technical information

The website is developed with NextJs 13 using the new App Router feature. It's my very first experience with NextJs, so if you have pieces of advice to improve it, please don't hesitate to share them! I made it open source, and you can find it on GitHub, thus feel free to explore the code!

The main purpose of this website is to have an entry point to access all the information about me as well as to collect projects and share personal ideas. Furthermore, I'll use it to get my hands dirty using new technologies and have fun with coding.

I'll let you find all the Easter eggs! 🤓

Here below a summary of the website sections:


A section which mainly collects technical articles about frontend development, computer science but also whatever could come to my mind. Articles are written using Markdown format (which, as a developer, I love for its simplicity) and converted in HTML through markdown-to-jsx in order to be displayed on the website. As far as regards the syntax highlighter for the code, react-syntax-highlighter is used.


A list of demos of projects I have made over the years.

Open Source

A selected list of personal open source projects. Data is retrieved directly from my GitHub profile using GitHub official API. It's a work in progress section, but it'll be improved in the future.