Daniel Zotti Telegram bot

A Telegram bot designed to be included in Telegram groups. The bot expose these features:

  1. Jokes
  2. Welcome/Goodbye messages

Bot creation (already done, but it's here as a reminder)

  • /setname @DanielZottiBot
  • /setdescription A Telegram bot that manages events, jokes, member and more
  • /setuserpic: /assets/profile.jpg

Bot Commands

  • /start it shows a message when the bot is started
  • /help it shows info about the bot
  • /jokes it shows how many jokes are in the DB
  • /random_joke it sends a random joke


1. Jokes

Some examples to trigger a joke:

  • What would Daniel say? (keyword: "Daniel")
  • I need a joke! (keyword: "joke")

How to add jokes

In order to add (or edit) a joke, you have to edit the /assets/jokes.json file.

The JSON file is an array of objects having this structure:

  • date (optional): data with following format yyyy-mm-dd.
  • event (optional): info about the place or the occasion the joke has been stated.
  • sentences (required): a list of sentences, structured this way:
    • name (optional) name of the person
    • text (required): the actual sentence
  "date": "2021-10-05",
  "event": "In pub with friends",
  "sentences": [
      "name": "Daniel",
      "text": "Why do programmers keep pressing the F5 button??"
      "name": "Friends",
      "text": "No, not again....."
      "name": "Daniel",
      "text": "Because it’s <i>refreshing</i>."

2. Welcome/Goodbye messages

  • One or more members are added to the group: @danielzotti has just added a member to the group! Let's welcome @mario aka Mario Rossi
  • A member is removed from the group (or leave): Oh no! @mario aka Mario Rossi has left the group!

Installation and how to use

  • nvm use to set the right node version
  • npm install
  • npm run start to run it locally
  • npm run dev to run it locally with nodemon


On Daniel's server through GitHub Actions

Add bot to a group

In order to make the "send joke triggered by keyword" work, the Daniel Zotti bot needs to have access to the message of a group. The group privacy has to be turned off: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/50204633/allow-bot-to-access-telegram-group-messages

GitHub Actions

Add GitHub runner

Add runner on private linux server:

More info: https://docs.github.com/en/actions/hosting-your-own-runners/about-self-hosted-runners

Create workflow

Create a file in .github/workflows/main.yml