My personal website <3

This is the new 2023 version built with NextJs 14 (with the new App Router feature) and create-next-app.

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The website itself (the NextJs code) is really basic, and I haven't spent too much time on that. I write code better than that, I swear! 😇

I also use this website for testing and trying new technologies (which can be found in the next chapter).

Please don't try to hack my website ❤️

The technologies I've used:

  • NextJs 14 NextJs 13.3 (with app folder)
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI
  • SSR
  • PWA
  • SSG
  • PWA offline (you need to install the PWA in order to get offline functionality)


  • Local development (without docker) with "classic" NextJS CLI
    • npm run dev aka next dev
  • Local development: on every change to code, it refreshes
    • npm run docker:start:local

Steps to create & run the project

  • nvm use: it uses the version written in .nvmrc file (v18)
  • npx create-next-app@latest
  • npm install (see package.json for dependencies)
  • npm run dev
  • Open http://localhost:3001


  • Home page
    • Introduction
    • Social links
    • CV download
  • Sections
    • Blog
    • Projects
    • Selected open source repo from GitHub
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • PWA (only if the user install the PWA)
  • 404 page (workaround using pages folder since app folder doesn't support it yet)
  • Cookie manager
  • Google Analytics
  • CSS variables instead of SCSS
  • Theme dark/light
  • Syntax Highlight for code
  • Sort articles by date ASC
  • Offline status
  • Improve accessibility
  • Transparent navbar on top in Home Page
  • Improve Open source section with preview
  • Filter articles by category
  • New UI graphic

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