A DOS videogame written in assembly language. I developed it for an exam at University in 2008.

Spacer videogame in action


Here you have a demo video on YouTube


  • Enter: start
  • P: pause
  • ESC: Exit game
  • Arrow left/right: move left/right
  • Arrow up/down: change level (increase/decrease speed)

Install dosbox


  • Open dosbox
  • Prepare a folder containing MASM, LINK and your SPACECAR.ASM files
  • Mount the folder on C: drive: mount c /home/daniel/dosbox/8086

Compile & Run

  • MASM SPACECAR.ASM: it creates the object file
  • LINK SPACECAR.OBJ: it create the EXE file
  • SPACECAR.EXE: it runs the videogame

Useful DOS commands

  • KEYB IT: change keyboard layout

Virtualbox version

  • Install VirtualBox
  • Install MS-DOS 6.22
  • Install MASM 6.11
  • Install LINK